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We cover EVERY technology related problem.  Below are a few of our most popular services.  If you have a request, give us a call, most likely we have done it before.

  • All Virus removal
  • All software installations and troubleshooting
  • All PC, Printer and Network repair - All makes and models
  • New computer systems, servers and networks
  • Blazing fast business and game PC's
  • Data recovery
  • Data backup
  • All parts and sales
  • Network setup and design
  • business and in home consultations and expert advice
  • New home internet cabling
  • Tablet and ipad tutorials
  • Business or one on one training
  • Web design
  • Home entertainment setup and design
  • Home entertainment troubleshooting


Please note that 95% of all onsite calls are handled within one hour.  Price includes all trip charges, no additional fees attached.

Onsite  m-f    $89
Immediate     $109

Weekend        $119
Immediate      $139

Onsite m-f      $99
Immediate      $119

Weekend        $129
Immediate      $149



Little Known Facts

  • today the average hard drive lasts 3 years before it crashes
  • once a hard drive has died you most likely have lost all your data unless you opt for data recovery
  • data recovery can sometimes cost in the thousands
  • most households have at least 2 computers
  • ipads and other tablets can't do some routine tasks that a PC or Mac can do
  • a cheap off the shelf PC will last you on average 2.3 years
  • a Techs on Call PC will last you on average of 7.8 yrs.