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With the release of Microsoft's Windows 8, sadly Windows XP is no longer a viable operating system due to Microsoft not supporting it any longer.  Microsoft has a policy to support only their 3 most current operating systems which are Vista, Windows 7 and 8, leaving XP users in the dust.  While you still may be able to get around, it is only a matter of time before you are forced to either upgrade (we can help) or have Techs on Call build you a new one.

Top Stories

  • Malware still rampant
    millions of variants to date
    The World Wide Web is not getting any safer.  Major threats are loose on many commercial web sites and flooding email boxes around the world.  Techs on Call (603-357-8900) has estimate 85% of the machines they service are infected.  Don't lose your precious data to a virus, call us today for a check-up.
  • Big Company Woes
    Major manufacturers selling junk
    That computer you just bought off the shelve or through the web or mail will last you just about 2 years on average.  Some even crash within the first month.  Time to call India?  Don't make that mistake, call Techs on Call first.